Anna’s Secret Legacy The Novel

A Love Affair Between An American Pilot And A Brilliant Female Research Scientist Is Endangered By Her Remarkable Discovery That Can Revolutionize Medicine Or In The Wrong Hands Wipe Out Humanity.

Anna’s Secret Legacy is a fascinating love novel involving Scandinavia and its significance in a world on the brink of World War II. Laced with twists and suspense, it will keep readers on edge until its end. The novel will be available on,, and this summer.

In 2005 the first part of this story was copyrighted at the Library of Congress and registered with the Writers Guild of America. I made the decision to take the story back to the beginning of the discovery of the molecular secret in 1940, splitting the project into two books. The continuing story emerged as Anna’s Legacy and was copyrighted in 2008. After working on the project, it became apparent that many people were trying to use Anna’s Secret or Anna’s Legacy as a title for their own work. In 2009, the title was registered with the WGA, copyrighted under the name Anna’s Secret Legacy, and the domain sites and were registered.

Anna’s Secret Legacy is fiction love story with years of research. Historically accurate and scientifically credible, this story is told from a different perspective involving the World War II invasion of Denmark and Norway and the mystery of the sulphur water.

Chapter 1

The Research Lab- Copenhagen, Denmark

April 1940

Days before the German invasion of Norway and Denmark

In silence, a solitary figure quickly pushed the door open to a white-walled research lab. A slim, intense blonde woman with a determined expression on her face walked to her microscope.

It must work this time, she thought. After three years of nonstop research, I know the answer is in here in this bit of solution.

The solution itself was an anomaly: it represented several years’ worth of research derived from water taken from a Russian hot sulphur spring long ago. Anna quickly pushed a loose blonde strand back into her ponytail and pulled her stool closer to the microscope, muttering,

“There must be a blueprint that our cells recognize from the sulphur water which helps them reset to their original healthy molecular structure.”

After a few moments, she abruptly pushed back her stool in frustration and stood. Still for a moment, she again considered the microscope in front of her. Sighing, she began to pace the floor, her hands stuffed in her pockets and her brow furrowed.

Her eyes, a light violet blue, were reminiscent of the same color streak particularly visible in the sky before a spectacular sunset. In the left pocket of her white lab coat, she rubbed together the two gold rubles that she always kept with her, a nervous she habit she had begun as a young teenager.

Waiting at the end of the dark street below, two men hide in the murky shadows. One man glanced at his watch impatiently. Taking a strong drag  on his filterless cigarette, he flicked it to the ground, simultaneously exhaling and stomping it out with a smash of his boot. They both looked up towards the light still on in the second-floor lab.

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