Anna’s Secret Legacy, The Novel-the Molecular Secret-chapt 2

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Part of Chap 2

With the microfilm tucked inside her bra along with the last page of her research notebook, Anna recalled that her fascination with the sulphur water started in childhood. Home, what is that? she thought. There is no home. Our village was completely wiped out by the earthquake, along with the sulphur spring.

She fiercely clenched her fists as she walked, ignoring the stinging wind. Though no one could possibly know what she carried, she saw each passing face as a foe. She finally arrived at the dimly lit doorstep of a brick townhouse and knocked gently as she pulled her keys from her coat pocket to open the door.

Britta might be sleeping, she thought, but the door opened immediately. Anna quickly entered the small townhouse, closed the door and locked it securely behind her.

“Britta,” said Anna, hugging her sister, unable to contain herself, “I have finally figured out the formula for the mystery of the sulphur springs, the missing link in the equation, the master switch to make it work.”

Anna continued in a rush of excitement.

 “Tomorrow before dawn, we will go to the lab so I can give it to you. I know it will work. Trust me. Get some sleep now. We must get to the lab very early before anyone else arrives. If I am caught, I will surely lose my position at the Institute.”

The dark circles blackening Britta’s eyes made her look much older than her twenty years. She wrapped her bathrobe more tightly around her as she sat down on the couch and held her knees close to her chest.

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