Exclusive Preview into Chapter Nine -The World in Turmoil-Thoroughbreds Aid the Resistance Movement


As the men started eating dinner, Doug and Lenny listened intently as O’Grady filled them in on his recent travels to Germany, France and Belgium where he had been selling and racing thoroughbreds. Being a thoroughbred owner and trainer made an ideal cover for O’Grady as one of the members of the European intelligence and resistance community. O’Grady shared the latest news from Europe with them.

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O’Grady, between bites of food, continued. “A few months ago on November 9th, the Sicherheitsdienst, sister agency to the better known Gestapo, captured two British SIS agents at the Café Backus in the Dutch town of Venlo, eight kilometers from the German border. Heinrich Himmler ordered the British spies captured. Hitler will use this as an excuse to claim that The Netherlands was involved with Britain and had violated its own neutrality.”

He put down his fork and looked at both men. “Lads, mark my words: there will be a war with Holland.”

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