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“You daydreamin’ there, partner?” said Lenny, smiling, nudging Doug with his elbow.

They stepped out of the taxi as the driver placed their bags on the sidewalk in front of their destination, Harry’s Bar—a well-known watering hole and frequent destination for Hemingway, Scott Fitzgerald, Gershwin, Jack Dempsey, Marlene Dietrich, Steinbeck and many other expats. Harry’s originated years ago when a successful American jockey, Todd Sloan, familiar to the French racing world, joined a New York saloon owner named Clancey to open up the bar. Harry’s Bar was famous for its creation of the drinks “Bloody Mary” and “The Sidecar,” conceived between 1915 and 1939.

Once inside Harry’s, Doug and Lenny found a secluded table and ordered drinks. Doug leaned back against the mahogany wall, taking in the shields of dark wood bearing the insignia of American colleges and British universities. He intuitively scanned the room looking for the likely contact.

Anna’s Secret Legacy

part of Chap 11 Anna’s Secret Legacy by S.A.Williams

Fatigued, Anna decided to wash up before settling down to sleep. Walking towards the bathroom, she stopped for a moment in front of her dresser and opened the bureau drawer. Anna selected a white cotton chemise, pulled it on and paused to brush her long, blonde hair. She moved into the bathroom and stood, looking into the mirror above the sink. She stared at herself. With her finger, she traced her lips.

 She gazed at her reflection. An overwhelming sense of responsibility and loneliness took over as the tears flowed freely down her face.

She whispered softly to herself, “There is only Britta that I can trust.” She turned off the light, her image fading as the light left the room.

♦    ♦    ♦    ♦    ♦    ♦    ♦    ♦    ♦    ♦

She awakened later that night with a start, perspiration clinging to her white cotton chemise. Anna had yet another dream of moonlit rituals that was shattered by an overpowering bolt of fear.

What am I so afraid of? she thought as she looked over at the journal on her night table with a five-star picture on the cover.

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Anna’s Secret Legacy -a suspenseful WWII Love Story

At the end of the dark street, the same two men were still hiding impatiently in the shadows. Their steely eyes focused on the front door, watching and waiting for Anna with more than just passing curiosity. Where was she? She should have emerged by now. The Sicherheitsdienst, the secret and deadly sister agency to the better-known Gestapo, would reward them very highly for the capture of this female scientist, but more importantly, Dr. Spelman would surely hand over his research.

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Part of Chap 3 Kate’s Mountain Lodge 1940

Seated at a square wooden table next to the fireplace, two middle-aged men were engrossed in low-toned conversation. They were thankful that the harsh weather had emptied the tavern, which otherwise afforded spectacular Allegheny Mountain Range views in every direction. After finishing a dinner of Southern fried chicken with yams, the first man slowly removed his eyeglasses and began cleaning them. The second man picked up his brandy snifter, swirled the golden liquid around and set it back down on the table.
“This is of great concern, and I am honored you have asked me to head up this immense and critical project. Do I understand correctly, there is no ceiling on this budget? We will need an enormous amount of capital to hire the best research scientists and convert the facilities, not to mention the security issues.”