Upcoming Events-Anna’s Secret Legacy to head to London


Upcoming Events

Tuesday, August 24th: Book signing at the ‘famous’ Siro’s Restaurant in Saratoga Springs, NY from 6-8PM. Join us for a party on the patio!

Thursday, August 26th: Book signing at Impressions of Saratoga Gift Shop on Broadway in Saratoga Springs, NY from 6-8PM. Walk through town and stop by to meet S.A. Williams!

Friday, August 27th: Book signing and wine tasting in the lobby of the Gideon Putnam from 4:30-6:30PM.

Friday, Sept. 3rd: Book signing at the Golden Inn in Avalon, NJ from 5-7PM. Pick up a great beach read for Labor Day Weekend and the final days of summer!

Wednesday, Sept. 22nd: Rittenhouse Sq., Philadelphia- Book signing By Invitation Only

Tuesday, Oct. 5th: Private VIP Event- Closed

Friday Oct 9th: Ireland -more details coming soon

Friday Oct 15&16th Kingston-Upon Thames, London, England-More details coming soon!

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