Golden Inn Book signing Tonight 5-7pm Avalon, NJ

Part of Chap 3 Kate’s Mountain Lodge 1940

Seated at a square wooden table next to the fireplace, two middle-aged men were engrossed in low-toned conversation. They were thankful that the harsh weather had emptied the tavern, which otherwise afforded spectacular Allegheny Mountain Range views in every direction. After finishing a dinner of Southern fried chicken with yams, the first man slowly removed his eyeglasses and began cleaning them. The second man picked up his brandy snifter, swirled the golden liquid around and set it back down on the table.
“This is of great concern, and I am honored you have asked me to head up this immense and critical project. Do I understand correctly, there is no ceiling on this budget? We will need an enormous amount of capital to hire the best research scientists and convert the facilities, not to mention the security issues.”

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