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Dear S. A Williams —  What a novel way to renew our acquaintance!  I just finished reading “Anna’s Secret Legacy”.  Congratulations on joining that exclusive group of individuals who not only have talked about “writing a book someday”, but actually have written one. Over the years, I have read  Le Carre, Ludlum, Follet, Clancy, among others.  Your book can well hold its own among this genre of authors and stories. I was greatly impressed by the amount of research you must have done on science, medicine, history, etc. This added interest and enjoyment to the story for me. 
Also, having lived in Europe for nearly 15 years, your story reminded me of those times even though the story was placed about 20 years earlier.  Paris – and now even Brussels — will always be a fascinating city and a  “place to go” .We hope  to see the book on the best seller list and at a neighborhood movie theatre before long.Good luck .  I look forward to the sequel.     Regards,   George Stevens       

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