a part of Chapt 47 of Anna’s Secret Legacy by S.A Williams

He snarled as he grabbed the instrument away from her. He was immensely strong, and with great force, he slammed into her, pitching her head first into the glass coffee table, the intensity of the force shattering the table in a shower of glass fragments. She felt her head explode with white-hot pain. Time seemedContinue reading “a part of Chapt 47 of Anna’s Secret Legacy by S.A Williams”

A review on Anna’s Secret Legacy-www.annassecretlegacynovel.com

  Dear S. A Williams —  What a novel way to renew our acquaintance!  I just finished reading “Anna’s Secret Legacy”.  Congratulations on joining that exclusive group of individuals who not only have talked about “writing a book someday”, but actually have written one. Over the years, I have read  Le Carre, Ludlum, Follet, Clancy, amongContinue reading “A review on Anna’s Secret Legacy-www.annassecretlegacynovel.com”