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The pentad was used as a secret sign among …the Pythagoreans for them to distinguish themselves and recognize other members.
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If the storyline of Anna’s Secret Legacy feels a great deal like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, it’s because both works speak to that part of us that loves a good thriller with boatloads of action–but which also walk that line between this very touchable world and the dimensions beyond. Indiana Jones took on the Ark of the Covenant and the question of scientific advancement over deeply-respected spiritual admonitions. Anna, on the other hand, has a heart to cure the ills of humans, and is in a very real sense an alchemist–straddling the uber-reality of her present circumstance and fear, and the realm where biology, chemistry and physics become spirit. Saratoga Today Newspaper

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Your Local GuardianHistorical novelist reunited with Coombe nun who inspired her (From Your Local Guardian)

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Archive – Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Historical novelist reunited with Coombe nun who inspired her

An American writer has returned to the school where she was inspired to write her debut historical novel.

SC/KG American writer reunited with nun who inspired historical novel American writer reunited with nun who inspired historical novel

Susan Williams grew up in Madrid, Paris, Brussels and Rome, but spent three formative years at Marymount International School in Coombe.

After producing radio and TV commercials, she wrote Anna’s Secret Legacy, a love story set in World War II, published this summer.

Ms Williams said she first got the history bug from Sister Elizabeth Touhy.

She said: “I had a fabulous history teacher, Sister Elizabeth. I was always late so she threw me out of class. I was always the bad kid who was thrown out.

“I was so terrified for the rest of the classes that I had to sit up and pay attention.

“She says now I was her favourite student and I love her to bits. She has kept in touch with me over all these years.”

Ms Williams was the guest speaker at an alumni reception at Marymount last Friday, October 15 where she signed copies of her book.

She was also reunited with Sister Elizabeth, who has retired from teaching but still lives at the school.

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