Anna’s Secret Legacy- ‘falling in love’~Valentine’s Day gift!

Anna’s Secret Legacy began as a love story four years ago set in Paris in 1969. As the research continued Anna’s Secret Legacy became part one- the prequel to the sequel. The subject matter is a difficult one-WWII was a profoundly difficult time, and the subject matter of falling in love is another difficult one that psychologists have wrestled with for years. Anna’s caretaker personality is taken with Doug’s character, who struggles with the loss of his mother at an early age-abandonment issues covered up by daredevil test pilot feats among others. Hence his strong attraction to Anna.

Do opposites attract? Do we look for a mate that has qualities we lack? or is it that in our adult life we can make a choice of a partner that can heal childhood hurts over which we had no control?
Anna’s Secret Legacy raises many questions, along with her ethical decision to hide the molecular secret. What would you have done? Check out our official website and let me know on our Face book page what you would have done! Thanks!
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More on that in a few months as I am working 24/7 to get the sequel done. The feedback has been tremendous from both fans and the press. Thank you!

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