1940 History Behind Anna’s Secret Legacy

The scientific community in 1940 was  running rampant with rumors of more Nazi invasion and Nazi experimentation with chemical and germ warfare. The development and stockpiling of “tabun” which attacks the human nervous system, and literally chokes its victims to death, as well as “sarin” a more lethal substance discovered in the form of isopropyl methylphosphorofluoridate were in active production at a plant in Dyherfurth, which would eventually expand into a vast factory more than a mile and a half long and wide. Other plants were being developed for gas warfare including mustard gas, phosgene and chlorine. Additionally, typhoid bacteria, yellow fever, smallpox, cholera and diphtheria research was being conducted on unsuspecting victims and inmates. It was known that German efforts on using “Heavy Water” to moderate a reactor using natural uranium were ongoing in Norway. Heavy water was the key to one type of reactor in which Plutonium can be bred from natural uranium. See www.annassecretlegacynovel.com  A suspenseful love story!

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