Anna’s Secret Legacy exceeds 25,000 worldwide website views!

A quick had over 25,000 views this past month on the website with the United States in the lead, followed in order by Norway, Austria, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Russian Federation, Belgium, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Denmark, Japan, China, The Netherlands, Australia, Lithuania, Germany, Mexico, Finland and Italy. Many more countries to mention but I thought you would be interested in who is on first:-) And The World Cup goes to………..all the fans! Thanks! Be the first on your block to read the book!

Anna’s Secret Legacy- part of Chap 31

Part of  Chap 31

Anna, Doug and Lenny shouted for Britta in every nook and cranny of the townhouse, but she did not answer. The townhouse had been turned upside down. Someone had clearly been looking for something, and Anna suspected she knew what it was. She looked in Britta’s room, but Britta was not there. Anna called fervently, “Britta, where are you?” She ran to her room, everything was overturned, but she quickly noticed the floorplank by her bed had not been disturbed.

Lenny called out from upstairs. “Check the courtyard.  She might be out back.”

As Anna stumbled into the courtyard calling Britta’s name, she noticed a red splash of blood on one of the linens hanging from the clothesline that was blocking her view of the tiny courtyard. With mounting fear, Anna pushed the linens aside and fell to her knees screaming. A puddle of blood soaked the ground floor of the courtyard.

ANNA’S SECRET LEGACY is a rich and exciting story, told with remarkable energy

‘A sprawling and ambitious epic romance, ANNA’S SECRET LEGACY tells a large story, filled with interesting characters and action, while keeping the story clear and engaging. The scale of the story is on par with DR. ZHIVAGO, though it spans a much shorter period of time. Like that classic film, this story is similarly grand, moving, and unwieldy.  The world of the story and the plot are energetic and well told.’


‘Anna’s Secret Legacy’ novel- Author S.A Williams meets Director Catherine Hartwicke of ‘Twilight’ at SXSW

We return from a fabulous time in Austin. The city is jam packed with folks from all over the world attending the SXSW Film, Interactive, and Music Festival.

This year we found the festival to be a little disorganized-nonetheless we had a great time and enjoyed the opportunity to talk with famous film Director- Catherine Hartwicke of ‘Thirteen’  and  ‘Twilight’ about her directing style and new film.

Book signings were great and we enjoyed meeting so many different people! Check us out on and please join our FB fan page! Thank you!

Anna’s Secret Legacy-A Compelling Story of How Love Is The Strongest Weapon When Nations Collide, and Evil Threatens

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Blue Bell, PA- In the early 1940’s, as the world sits in a state of death-watch anxiety waiting for Nazi Germany to actualize its declaimed plan for global dominance, a secret has been uncovered that could fantastically benefit humanity, or, if stolen by the aggressors, could lead to untold death and defeat.  “Anna’s Secret Legacy,” a historical novel by first-time author, S.A Williams, conveys the fearful atmosphere of the time, along with the incredible heroism that is poised against the Nazi plan.

Set in Copenhagen and Paris, the novel explores the less-known invasion of Denmark and the actions a few brave souls take to keep the Danish national treasure out of Nazi hands. More importantly, it tells of a secret formula discerned by a leading female microbiologist that, should it fall into the Nazis’ grasp, could turn the coming World War into a victory for the Axis powers.

Stunningly beautiful and intellectually gifted, Anna is an Oxford-trained research scientist who grew up in a far-off town in Russia where mystical powers laced about her childhood, leaving jeweled memories of magical rituals that imparted a wisdom no Western scientist could comprehend.  With advanced research methods, she is able to unlock the mystery of healing from a sacred sulphur spring, information the Nazis will kill to obtain.  Enter Doug Conyers, a dashing American naval pilot who is assigned with his buddy and fellow pilot, Lenny, to uncover German plans and, when possible, derail them, without fingerprints or a trail, as America is still neutral.  When Doug and Anna meet, a powerful “chemistry” matches the healing chemistry she has discovered… and love breaks out at the same moment as war.  As desperation becomes endemic, Britta, Anna’s beloved hemophiliac sister, now with the prospect of a cure, ends up the apparent victim to Nazi fury and frustration. 

Events unfold fast as the Germans strike into Denmark.  Anna has to leave for shelter at a convent in Paris.  Doug must return to America to report to President Roosevelt.  Betrayals abound as the Nazis dangle gold before their brutalities, but loyalties are strengthened as well with Europe’s fate resting in the balance.  With each page, personal battles take on worldwide significance as blood is spilled in the chambers of Copenhagen and Paris.

In the deepest sense, the goodness in mankind is directly threatened by a beast beyond all imagining, a beast that literally existed only six decades ago!  If we have ever doubted that the Universe is on the side of Good, we only have to look at our own history as so amazingly brought to life in this heroic book, “Anna’s Secret Legacy.”