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Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a vision of three projects revealed to her in a dream from her father who had passed away many years ago. She wanted so much to make a film but no one in Hollywood would believe her so she wrote the book, the script, the line producer’s breakdown and found all the location shots, developed a website loved in 43 countries……………

Story -Bob Pareto’s Vision – Why Vision is Necessary for Success at Anything.


Article (Story written) by Nick James

Bob Pareto was the extra special nerdy kid in Mrs. DaVinci’s sixth grade science class. His head was usually buried so deep in a book the standing joke was, “Hey Bob, are you related to the Encyclopedia?”

But as much as they teased Bob everyone said Bob had a real gift for seeing the future. One day a week the town’s people would meet in the town hall and Bob would tell stories of his magical visions. Most of the town’s people just thought Bob was telling Fairy Tales, but they loved to listen none the less. One of the town’s folk favorite stories was the following.Home Based Business Article Why Vision is Necessary for Home Business Success

Once upon a time and long ago there was a little town. Many years earlier before any of the town’s folks had been born a very large wall had been erected on one side of the town. The legend had grown that the giant wall had been erected not only to keep out the mean trolls that lived in the valley outside the wall, but also to keep the trolls from seeing the people inside and thus wanting to eat them.

Over the years strangers to the town had spoken of a land beyond the valley that had grown rich and prosperous. But the people of the town for many years had dismissed these tales as just -well “Fairy Tales”.

Then one day a new stranger in town with impassioned belief convinced some of the town’s people that they could see this prosperous land across the valley, except for the giant wall, which blocked their view of it.

This news was especially appealing to these town folk because they were very poor. So they devised a ladder structure to scale the wall and see over the other side. After several weeks the work was complete and this very day would be the first day in centuries any of the town’s folk had seen the land on the other side of the wall.

At the agreed upon time several brave town folk made their way to the top of the ladder structure and gazed over the wall. To their amazement in the distance across the valley they could see a very prosperous land. And upon further examination to their amazement they could see a path and bridge, which safely crossed the valley of trolls and led to the prosperous land.

This excited them very much and they quickly spread the word of this great discovery. However, much to their amazement they only managed to convince about 10 percent of the people to journey with them to the prosperous land.

The rest of the people said things like: “it would be too risky”, or “we might get eaten”, or “I have a good job and don’t want to lose it”, or “what if I risked going and couldn’t succeed over there.” “Come back later and get us if you are able to get there safely and succeed.” To which the people getting ready to leave said, “We will come back later but you know the first people there will be able to pick the choicest jobs and houses.”

And just like the majority if these towns folk the majority of people today can’t see past the wall of their current situation to what could be. They just can’t believe that they could ever get to that far off prosperous land beyond the wall. Their unbelief is the wall that clouds their vision of the future that could be.

But whatever happened to this great story teller. Well Bob Pareto’s stories along with himself have largely been forgotten, but he had a great, great, great grandson named Vilfredo Pareto. You probably haven’t heard of Vilfredo either, however, you may have heard of the principle handed down to him from his ancestor. Although like any good story it stretches a little in the telling. In the original story above only 10 percent of the people took the action to create for themselves a new destiny.

By the time Vilfredo got the story he created instead the “80/20 Principal” where now 20 percent are accomplishing over 80 percent of everything. You have heard of Pareto’s Law haven’t you?


Article by
Nick James


“Keep on going, and the chances are you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I have never heard of anyone stumbling on something sitting down.”

— Charles F. Kettering

You will have to decide what you will do with the time given you.
Even the smallest person can change the course of the World.

From: The Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King.


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