Anna’s Secret Legacy -(Continued)

I’ve received feedback from readers, the ‘Annas Secret Legacy” feels like one such tale. Anna could very well have lived in the Middle Ages; ancient Persia or aboard a 29th Century starship. The dilemma with which our heroine is faced- that of great inner turmoil as she makes a decision that can affect all of humankind-that is the eternal struggle.

Anna is faced with a decision with which no one should ever be strapped-and yet she must do something.  Inaction inevitably leads to the decision being made for us- and so we can only act and decide, and trust that the out come will be for the best. Utilitarian ethics of John Stuart Mill seeks the best for all concerned-but often our decisions will bless some and condemn others, and that cannot be helped, for if we didn’t make a decision-somehow Life and circumstance would make it for us.

Anna’s story is a myth because regardless of where she lived, or when-that same decision would weigh heavily on her heart, causing sleepless night.  The same truth is part-and-parcel of your lives and jobs, at many points during your lives. (continued tomorrow- POWER)

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