Anna’s Secret Legacy

So Anna finds herself right in the midst of a myth-an eternal Truth-that her discovery and her decision will affect many, many people and yet- decide, she must.
Power-the ability to make decisions, regardless of how frightening or difficult, is the foundation of genuine power. Power-the deeper you go within, the more you’re likely to find it.
And that is where Alchemy comes in. Anna’s world is changed absolutely and forever because of the Alchemy that crosses her path-and that helps her grow fully into the woman she is to become. Alchemy-the theoretical or hypothetical generation of gold from base metals-is a metaphor, a myth for that which you do every day of your work lives.
You and Anna have so much in common: Myth, Power and Alchemy define all your existences-and your legacies, like Anna’s will be remembered long after you have left this plane.
Thank you for reading my blog- I wish you all continued power as you live the real myths that lead to genuine greatness.
Available on Kindle, (US And UK), WHSmith and Barnes and Enjoy!

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