Anna’s Secret Legacy Author Williams to be at Saratoga again in August for Travers Race

Saratoga Today Newspaper Review by Marion Altieri

It’s an historical novel. It’s a love story. It’s frightening, and exhilarating. It’s a tale of modern-day alchemy, and the possible blessings and damnations that come from that discovery.

When S.A. Williams set out on the journey to pen a novel, she had no idea that the experience would take her around the world and deep into the research of sulphur water; the Second World War; Norway’s role–and then into the mind of Anna, a brilliant young research scientist. Anna’s birth in Williams’ mind as the protagonist came after much serious reflection and investigation: she was born of her author’s desire to enliven a character whose background and circumstances were timeless, that is, universal, and therefore could be embraced by female and male, old and young, at any time in history. Anna has discovered something that has the potential to either heal humanity or eliminate it. To carry this burden around at any time would be more than most humans could bear: to hold this secret in your heart during the early days of Hitler’s assault on Europe would have been more than the human heart could contain.

(Authors see a storyline unfolding in their heads, but a tale such as Anna’s Secret Legacy is an archetypal lesson and should not be categorized as being “mere entertainment.” The characters are set in a certain place and time–a profoundly difficult and painful time, in a shell-shocked place–but the decisions they must tackle, and obstacles they encounter are those of the transcendent Everyman.)

Williams created the characters and the plot, but she was guided by the Platonic concept of the Forms: she had a story to tell, an intriguing fiction built on history and exhaustive research. This is the reason why people and situations that happened 70 years ago in the book speak strongly and directly to us in the 21st Century. This is our story: we may never be faced with the necessity of making decisions that affect millions of lives, but because of the sameness of The Human Condition, we can relate intimately and directly to Anna’s quandary, and therefore–to her fear.

Synchronicities–meaningful coincidences–brought people and circumstances across Williams’ path, compelling her to delve into research that she might never have anticipated before beginning the project. Taking on World War II is a hefty assignment, in and of itself: to do justice to the subject, detailed study must be performed. The ability to meld these academic rigors with a believable love story in a compelling manner that did not come across as being cute was no doubt a challenge for the author: it would have been so easy to go the easy route, and crank out a book of mindless drivel based on the same premises.

But her own strong academic background, in concert with her fascination with getting to the root of a question (be it intellectual or otherworldly)–dictated that her book not go the way of pulp fiction. A storyline like this, lacking intellectual endeavor and philosophical insight, could have easily slipped into the genre of paperback romance novels: juicy heroine, dashing young pilot, same-old, same-old.

If the storyline of Anna’s Secret Legacy feels a great deal like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, it’s because both works speak to that part of us that loves a good thriller with boatloads of action–but which also walk that line between this very touchable world and the dimensions beyond. Indiana Jones took on the Ark of the Covenant and the question of scientific advancement over deeply-respected spiritual admonitions. Anna, on the other hand, has a heart to cure the ills of humans, and is in a very real sense an alchemist–straddling the uber-reality of her present circumstance and fear, and the realm where biology, chemistry and physics become spirit.

Anna’s Secret Legacy is hot off the press: written by S.A. Williams and published by Infinity Publishing, it is one of those books that cannot be put down until the last period at the end of the last (surprise) sentence. The contemporary historical fiction is so full of questions that give rise to more questions–we realize that, as saith Socrates, “All I know is that I know nothing.” Williams began to write a book and in so doing, peeled away layers upon layers of information that led her to yet-more layers–and no doubt to a lifelong fascination with the alchemical history and secrets she uncovered. The learning process teaches us that great Socratic Truth, that the more we learn, the more we realize there is to learn. Anna’s Secret Legacy is, in the most simplistic description, a terrific book. It is so much more that no mere book preview could do it justice: the facts, secrets and philosophical quandaries contained in this tome are the things that propel a book from the best sellers’ list to the land of Classic.
Williams also completed the film script.

Anna’s Secret Legacy Author on LA producers

Welcome to my blog! Anna’s Secret Legacy has now made it around the world and I have had the good fortune to have had the most amazing journey. The people I have met have been incredibly interesting. Just back from LA producers conference. I met over 30 Academy Award producers. Jeff Dowd (who started Sundance with Robert Redford) and Al Ruddy (who produced the Godfather along with Hogan’s Heros) were so funny. They had me mesmerized with their stories. Larry Katz at Morgan Creek (The Good Shepard, Ace Ventura and over 50 films) was an incredible wealth of knowledge. More on this to follow!  Last night M.Night Shyamalan and his gracious wife opened their home up to honor The Philly Film Office- What an amazing party! I had a delightful chat with Will Smith who is incredibly charming. More to follow soon! Stay Tuned! and thank you for following the progress of Anna’s Secret Legacy as we now have the film Script as well as the novel! Many Thanks to all!

Anna’s Secret Legacy-A compelling Story How Love Is The Strongest Weapon When Nations Collide, And Evil Threatens!

Anna’s Secret Legacy-A Compelling Story of How Love Is The Strongest Weapon When Nations Collide, and Evil Threatens

For immediate release:





Blue Bell, PA- In the early 1940’s, as the world sits in a state of death-watch anxiety waiting for Nazi Germany to actualize its declaimed plan for global dominance, a secret has been uncovered that could fantastically benefit humanity, or, if stolen by the aggressors, could lead to untold death and defeat.  “Anna’s Secret Legacy,” a historical novel by first-time author, S.A Williams, conveys the fearful atmosphere of the time, along with the incredible heroism that is poised against the Nazi plan.

Set in Copenhagen and Paris, the novel explores the less-known invasion of Denmark and the actions a few brave souls take to keep the Danish national treasure out of Nazi hands. More importantly, it tells of a secret formula discerned by a leading female microbiologist that, should it fall into the Nazis’ grasp, could turn the coming World War into a victory for the Axis powers.

Stunningly beautiful and intellectually gifted, Anna is an Oxford-trained research scientist who grew up in a far-off town in Russia where mystical powers laced about her childhood, leaving jeweled memories of magical rituals that imparted a wisdom no Western scientist could comprehend.  With advanced research methods, she is able to unlock the mystery of healing from a sacred sulphur spring, information the Nazis will kill to obtain.  Enter Doug Conyers, a dashing American naval pilot who is assigned with his buddy and fellow pilot, Lenny, to uncover German plans and, when possible, derail them, without fingerprints or a trail, as America is still neutral.  When Doug and Anna meet, a powerful “chemistry” matches the healing chemistry she has discovered… and love breaks out at the same moment as war.  As desperation becomes endemic, Britta, Anna’s beloved hemophiliac sister, now with the prospect of a cure, ends up the apparent victim to Nazi fury and frustration.

Events unfold fast as the Germans strike into Denmark.  Anna has to leave for shelter at a convent in Paris.  Doug must return to America to report to President Roosevelt.  Betrayals abound as the Nazis dangle gold before their brutalities, but loyalties are strengthened as well with Europe’s fate resting in the balance.  With each page, personal battles take on worldwide significance as blood is spilled in the chambers of Copenhagen and Paris.

In the deepest sense, the goodness in mankind is directly threatened by a beast beyond all imagining, a beast that literally existed only six decades ago!  If we have ever doubted that the Universe is on the side of Good, we only have to look at our own history as so amazingly brought to life in this heroic book, “Anna’s Secret Legacy.”


Anna’s Secret Legacy autographed copies now available on EBay

The book is now available on EBay in two versions-#1 signed and dated by S.A Williams and the link for that is below; #2 a personalized greeting as well as signed and dated. These make for a really meaningful and enduring holiday gift for friends and loved ones.

Anna’s Secret Legacy – Signed Edition by Author S.A. Williams
Anna’s Secret Legacy – Signed Edition by Author S.A. Williams in Books , Fiction Literature |eBay


Anna’s Secret Legacy to do three days of book signings during Travers Race Weekend in Saratoga, NY

Author S.A Williams will be doing three days of book signings in Saratoga, NY at The Saratoga Racetrack for Anna’s Secret Legacy. The combination of the secret sulphur water and the thoroughbred line that runs through the book in WWII 1940, makes this a special and ideal place for Author Williams who started the book’s research there almost six years ago.

The Vision of Anna’s Secret Legacy

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had a vision of three projects revealed to her in a dream from her father who had passed away many years ago. She wanted so much to make a film but no one in Hollywood would believe her so she wrote the book, the script, the line producer’s breakdown and found all the location shots, developed a website loved in 43 countries……………

Story -Bob Pareto’s Vision – Why Vision is Necessary for Success at Anything.


Article (Story written) by Nick James

Bob Pareto was the extra special nerdy kid in Mrs. DaVinci’s sixth grade science class. His head was usually buried so deep in a book the standing joke was, “Hey Bob, are you related to the Encyclopedia?”

But as much as they teased Bob everyone said Bob had a real gift for seeing the future. One day a week the town’s people would meet in the town hall and Bob would tell stories of his magical visions. Most of the town’s people just thought Bob was telling Fairy Tales, but they loved to listen none the less. One of the town’s folk favorite stories was the following.Home Based Business Article Why Vision is Necessary for Home Business Success

Once upon a time and long ago there was a little town. Many years earlier before any of the town’s folks had been born a very large wall had been erected on one side of the town. The legend had grown that the giant wall had been erected not only to keep out the mean trolls that lived in the valley outside the wall, but also to keep the trolls from seeing the people inside and thus wanting to eat them.

Over the years strangers to the town had spoken of a land beyond the valley that had grown rich and prosperous. But the people of the town for many years had dismissed these tales as just -well “Fairy Tales”.

Then one day a new stranger in town with impassioned belief convinced some of the town’s people that they could see this prosperous land across the valley, except for the giant wall, which blocked their view of it.

This news was especially appealing to these town folk because they were very poor. So they devised a ladder structure to scale the wall and see over the other side. After several weeks the work was complete and this very day would be the first day in centuries any of the town’s folk had seen the land on the other side of the wall.

At the agreed upon time several brave town folk made their way to the top of the ladder structure and gazed over the wall. To their amazement in the distance across the valley they could see a very prosperous land. And upon further examination to their amazement they could see a path and bridge, which safely crossed the valley of trolls and led to the prosperous land.

This excited them very much and they quickly spread the word of this great discovery. However, much to their amazement they only managed to convince about 10 percent of the people to journey with them to the prosperous land.

The rest of the people said things like: “it would be too risky”, or “we might get eaten”, or “I have a good job and don’t want to lose it”, or “what if I risked going and couldn’t succeed over there.” “Come back later and get us if you are able to get there safely and succeed.” To which the people getting ready to leave said, “We will come back later but you know the first people there will be able to pick the choicest jobs and houses.”

And just like the majority if these towns folk the majority of people today can’t see past the wall of their current situation to what could be. They just can’t believe that they could ever get to that far off prosperous land beyond the wall. Their unbelief is the wall that clouds their vision of the future that could be.

But whatever happened to this great story teller. Well Bob Pareto’s stories along with himself have largely been forgotten, but he had a great, great, great grandson named Vilfredo Pareto. You probably haven’t heard of Vilfredo either, however, you may have heard of the principle handed down to him from his ancestor. Although like any good story it stretches a little in the telling. In the original story above only 10 percent of the people took the action to create for themselves a new destiny.

By the time Vilfredo got the story he created instead the “80/20 Principal” where now 20 percent are accomplishing over 80 percent of everything. You have heard of Pareto’s Law haven’t you?


Article by
Nick James


“Keep on going, and the chances are you will stumble on something, perhaps when you are least expecting it. I have never heard of anyone stumbling on something sitting down.”

— Charles F. Kettering

You will have to decide what you will do with the time given you.
Even the smallest person can change the course of the World.

From: The Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King.