Anna’s Secret Legacy to show DVD Teasers and talk about the book and film script for Anna’s Secret Legacy@ North Wales Library, PA June 7th!

Anna’s Secret Legacy will be @ The North Wales Library @ 7pm  Tuesday, June 7th to share the story and evolution of Anna’s Secret Legacy’s Novel and film script. Book signing and dessert! Join us for an interesting and fun filled evening!

Anna’s Secret Legacy- Stunning literary hit with record sales @ Mid Atlantic Museum’s 21st Annual World War II Weekend!

Anna’s Secret Legacy is a stunning success at book signing  WWII event this weekend! Great Air Show attended by over 30,000 people!

Thanks so much to all our new fans and friends from The Mid Atlantic Air Museum’s 21st Annual World War II Weekend! Anna’s Secret Legacy was a fabulous success with record sales. We met so many interesting people with their own unique and wonderful stories. Thank you to those who shared their time and support of Anna’s Secret Legacy.

Anna’s Secret Legacy to be at The Free Library Book Festival in Philadelphia on April 16th!

Come and join us at booth 67. Note we may be filming-Please come early as the Parkway will be closed from 10am to 5pm! Hope to see you there!

‘Anna’s Secret Legacy’ novel- Author S.A Williams meets Director Catherine Hartwicke of ‘Twilight’ at SXSW

We return from a fabulous time in Austin. The city is jam packed with folks from all over the world attending the SXSW Film, Interactive, and Music Festival.

This year we found the festival to be a little disorganized-nonetheless we had a great time and enjoyed the opportunity to talk with famous film Director- Catherine Hartwicke of ‘Thirteen’  and  ‘Twilight’ about her directing style and new film.

Book signings were great and we enjoyed meeting so many different people! Check us out on and please join our FB fan page! Thank you!

Philly Ad Club Xmas Party-Author with KYW and WPHT Radio Executives


Rob Kaloustian, GM of WPHT radio with author Williams and VP -GM of KYW radio (CBS) radio David Yagdaroff-

Catching up with long time friends! Happy Holidays to all!