Anna’s Secret Legacy-King of Prussia Book signing Nov 17th, 2011

Author S.A Williams will be signing her suspenseful debut novel ‘Anna’s Secret Legacy’, a WWII Romantic Thriller, on November 17th at The King of Prussia Mall @ The court until 6pm. Please see press room on for more details!

Author of Anna’s Secret Legacy has a blast working on Film Set with Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro

It has been a busy few weeks, starting with The American Film Market in Santa Monica, to working on the set with People Magazines ‘Sexiest Man Alive” Bradley Cooper and my favorite Robert DeNiro. Great group of folks and I liked David O. Russell as Director!

We now have our novel available to be personalized for a memorable holiday gift on EBay and we are pleased to announce that we will be sending books to US troops overseas that cannot be with their loved ones over the holidays as a gift. Happy Thanksgiving to all! also available on Kindle!

Anna’s Secret Legacy autographed copies now available on EBay

The book is now available on EBay in two versions-#1 signed and dated by S.A Williams and the link for that is below; #2 a personalized greeting as well as signed and dated. These make for a really meaningful and enduring holiday gift for friends and loved ones.

Anna’s Secret Legacy – Signed Edition by Author S.A. Williams
Anna’s Secret Legacy – Signed Edition by Author S.A. Williams in Books , Fiction Literature |eBay


Anna’s Secret Legacy

So Anna finds herself right in the midst of a myth-an eternal Truth-that her discovery and her decision will affect many, many people and yet- decide, she must.
Power-the ability to make decisions, regardless of how frightening or difficult, is the foundation of genuine power. Power-the deeper you go within, the more you’re likely to find it.
And that is where Alchemy comes in. Anna’s world is changed absolutely and forever because of the Alchemy that crosses her path-and that helps her grow fully into the woman she is to become. Alchemy-the theoretical or hypothetical generation of gold from base metals-is a metaphor, a myth for that which you do every day of your work lives.
You and Anna have so much in common: Myth, Power and Alchemy define all your existences-and your legacies, like Anna’s will be remembered long after you have left this plane.
Thank you for reading my blog- I wish you all continued power as you live the real myths that lead to genuine greatness.
Available on Kindle, (US And UK), WHSmith and Barnes and Enjoy!

Anna’s Secret Legacy -(Continued)

I’ve received feedback from readers, the ‘Annas Secret Legacy” feels like one such tale. Anna could very well have lived in the Middle Ages; ancient Persia or aboard a 29th Century starship. The dilemma with which our heroine is faced- that of great inner turmoil as she makes a decision that can affect all of humankind-that is the eternal struggle.

Anna is faced with a decision with which no one should ever be strapped-and yet she must do something.  Inaction inevitably leads to the decision being made for us- and so we can only act and decide, and trust that the out come will be for the best. Utilitarian ethics of John Stuart Mill seeks the best for all concerned-but often our decisions will bless some and condemn others, and that cannot be helped, for if we didn’t make a decision-somehow Life and circumstance would make it for us.

Anna’s story is a myth because regardless of where she lived, or when-that same decision would weigh heavily on her heart, causing sleepless night.  The same truth is part-and-parcel of your lives and jobs, at many points during your lives. (continued tomorrow- POWER)

Anna’s Secret Legacy-Myth, Power and Alchemy define all our existences!

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to read my blog! I been thinking a lot about what to say today and it keeps coming back to me that my book (and the process of its birthing) and your lives have a great deal more in common than one might observe on the surface. Allow me to give you some background and how I see the Big picture.
When I started writing “Anna’s Secret Legacy” I did not sit down, pen-in-hand, and say “I will write a World War II romance-thriller.” It actually started with my adventures as a very young teen in a boarding school in Paris. My imagination had created some characters, and a setting somewhat loosely based on my school experiences. My first step was to produce a DVD teaser that I perceived to be a certain feature film, and it was well received.  I was headed in a certain direction.  I thought.
But like any work that has artistic merit-the project took on a life of its own. The DVD opened doors, which led in turn to various Synchronicities and other ‘coincidences’ that helped give shape and life to the story. To the story which had to start in the beginning of WWII in Scandinavia. My interest in Einstein, and my interest in sulphur water along with meetings with various scientists who held fascinating theories, compelled me to explore them to their logical conclusions. Hence my interest in The Neils Bohr Institute.
And what does the creation of an historic novel have in common with your life and your legacies? Ah, this is where it gets really interesting.
Three words play a role in the pursuit of your vocations and life, and of “Anna’s Secret Legacy.” Those words are MYTH, POWER and ALCHEMY.
“Myth” is not a falsehood: the word is commonly misused, to indicate that something is an untruth.
The real definition of ‘Myth” is quite the opposite, in fact,:  a myth (in the classical sense) is a story that, regardless of its setting and time-reveals a common, Everyman Truth. That’s Truth, with a capital T. Great stories from long ago have survived into the 21st century precisely because the tale is merely flesh laid over the bones of a long standing, universally-understood Truth. This is the litmus test of Myth, in fact: if a story rings true in the hearts and minds of all who hear or read-if the lessons learned by the end of the story are as true today as they were 2,000 years ago (or will be, 2,000 years in the future) then it is a myth, a story that will find itself in the chronicles of great literature.   (Continued tomorrow!).

An Earth-shattering Molecular Discovery- ‘a cure all’ from Sulphur Water Threatens Anna’s life and Possibly the World!

What Would You Do if You Held in Your Hands a Secret That Could Either Destroy the World or Cure It? ‘Anna’s Secret Legacy’ A new novel by S.A. Williams- A Love Affair/Suspenseful espionage WWII novel.

An Earth-Shattering Molecular Discovery – ‘a cure all’ from Sulphur Water Threatens Anna’s Life and Possibly the World

Spring House, PA (Vocus)

An intriguing work has entered the pantheon of contemporary historical fiction this summer with the release of Anna’s Secret Legacy—an engaging, suspenseful and provocative novel by first-time author, S.A. Williams. Anna’s Secret Legacy is a no-holds-barred, exciting and believable historical novel about love, international espionage and life and death drama set in Copenhagen and Paris in April 1940, against the backdrop of a world at war. (Soft Cover, ISBN 978-0-7414-5828-5).

Laced with twists and suspense, Anna’s Secret Legacy is a fascinating love story that grabs the reader and doesn’t let go. This book is available through,, Amazon UK and Reporters and readers who wish to inquire more can visit today. Website is now in 101 countries.

With the current focus on the potential for good through stem-cell research and the very real opposing threat of biological warfare that continues to increase across the globe, this story about what was going on behind laboratory doors is something that is both fascinating and relevant to today’s readers. A classic WWII epic, the story, both historically accurate and scientifically credible, is told from a unique perspective, centered in Scandinavia and its significance in a world on the brink of war. Anna’s Secret Legacy is a fascinating love story that grabs the reader and doesn’t let go.

To date, Anna’s Secret Legacy has been described as “a magnificent WWII epic” and “a great achievement”, strongly reflecting the author’s engaging storytelling and incredible research. Adding depth to its compelling narrative is its great cast of characters.

The story begins when highly trained USNR pilot Doug Conyers is sent on a mission to Paris and Copenhagen via confidential Presidential orders, and the last thing on his mind was falling in love. A chance meeting with a brilliant research scientist at a Copenhagen Jazz club leads them not only to the love of a lifetime, but on the run of a lifetime. As a scientist at a prestigious Copenhagen research institute, Anna has just unraveled the molecular formula from sulphur water that can revolutionize medicine or wipe out humanity in the wrong hands – a discovery that must be kept secret at all costs. As Nazi Germany invades Denmark and Norway, her sister’s life is compromised and Anna must flee with her secret immediately.

From an action-packed escape on a Swedish freighter carrying atom bomb ‘heavy water’, to hiding in a train filled with the German Army heading towards the lowlands, Doug and Anna finally make it over the Dutch border. However, she is not yet safe. Hidden by the cloister nuns at the chateau, in the outskirts of Paris, in the secret passageway, she hides her discovery only to learn later that those closest to her are betraying her. Fate hangs in the balance, as the Gestapo requisition the chateau. Running out of provisions and becoming increasingly sick, she waits for word from Doug from the United States. Anna wonders if she will make it out alive.

About the Author
S.A Williams’s international background uniquely positions her as a citizen of the world, who knows of what she speaks. A rare mix of artist and businesswoman, actress and science buff, writer and producer, Williams is both articulate and media-savvy. Educated in major cities across Europe, a graduate of Syracuse University, credentialed in Global Marketing and Management, Entrepreneurship and The CEO Leadership Program from the renowned University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School as well as Global Marketing and Strategic Management credentials from Harvard Business School, Williams is also a veteran member of the Screen Actors Guild who earned The Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals from The London Academy of Dramatic Arts and has worked on the sets of such notable films as The Age of Innocence, The Sixth Sense, Fallen, Philadelphia, Unbreakable, Rocky Balboa, How do you Know and others.

New York City native, Williams has also lived in Syracuse, Albany, Dallas, Rhode Island and currently resides in the Philadelphia area. S.A. Williams is working on the sequel to Anna’s Secret Legacy.

Anna’s Secret Legacy * by S.A. Williams
Soft Cover; $15.95; 978-0-7414-5828-5

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For additional information, contact SAW Broadcasting at 1-800-SAW-0660 or visit the web at Check out the secret room full of historical facts!

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Local Author returns to area for Travers book signing!

Local author returned to area for Travers book signing

Susan Williams, author of "Anna's Secret Legacy," lived in Clifton Park for a time and researched the book in Saratoga Springs.

Susan Williams, author of “Anna’s Secret Legacy,” lived in Clifton Park for a time and researched the book in Saratoga Springs.

#Saratoga — It started out as a true story—a group of friends at a girl’s boarding school in Paris find a secret hideaway. But that’s where fact ends and fiction begins.

#“Instead of finding a molecular secret, we would smoke cigarettes,” said Sue Williams, a former Clifton Park resident.

#Williams drew on her childhood abroad (London, Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Rome) and the compelling history of World War II to craft a novel that’s equal parts scientific mystery and passionate love story: “Anna’s Secret Legacy.”

#“The biggest response I’m getting is on Facebook. People are saying ‘This would make an unbelievable film’ and ‘When are they making the movie?’” said Williams.

#“Anna’s Secret Legacy” debuted on Travers Stakes Weekend at Saratoga Race Course exactly one year ago, so it only makes sense that Williams returned to the area to sign copies of her book at this year’s Travers on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Aug. 25, 26 and 27.

#“I’ve been going to Travers for years. I’m the daughter of a thoroughbred breeder. His passion for racing and breeding, as a child I’d work out thoroughbreds on the track,” said Williams.

#She lives in Philadelphia now, but Saratoga was where “Anna’s Secret Legacy” truly evolved.


“Anna’s Secret Legacy” was published during the 2010 Travers Stakes and author Susan Williams returned to this year’s Travers Weekend to sign copies of it.

#“A lot of research started when I was doing this book took place at the Roosevelt Spa in Saratoga. I really consider it almost the hometown and seeds for the beginning of this project,” said Williams. “It was 800 books and 200,000 pages of research later that we ended up tying in not only molecular secrets from sulfur water but what I call historically accurate, scientifically credible and a wonderful love story.”

#The books follows a Copenhagen research institute scientist, Anna, who during WWII unravels the molecular formula for sulfur water that can “revolutionize medicine or wipe out humanity in the wrong hands.” Anna’s journey involves a avoiding a group of Hitler-hired assassins, an American pilot she falls in love with and the story surrounding it all.

#The book’s interactive website, gets thousands of hits a day and gives detailed historic information about the events in the book.

#Williams wrote a film script for the book and is in the process of creating the sequel. It’s been a hit, she said, because it appeals to both men and women.

#“Statistics show 70 percent of all women are the book buyers but we’re finding 50 percent of men are buying this book, so it’s split right down the middle,” said Williams. “Guys are buying it for the military accuracy, historical part and molecular secret and women are buying it because they love the idea of the Goddess of the Moon, what she goes through trying to heal her sister and the love story.”

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